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Pâte à pizza sans gluten.

Ingrédients Levain : 12.5 g de levure7.5 g de sucre7.5 g de farine sans gluten Cannelle Boulangerie.Quantité nécessaire d’eau. Pâte : 250 g de farine sans gluten Cannelle Boulangerie.6.25 g de sel.17.5 ml d’huile végétale.150 ml d’eau tiède.   Préparation pour le levain : Allumer le four à température de 450 F.Dans une cuite de […]

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Gluten-free pumpkin cookies!

Halloween time is a good moment to reunite the family and decorate our pumpkins.But what to do with all this pulp? Here’s a recipe for the pumpkin cookies I tried at home that was approved by my 6-year-old son. I especially wanted to prove our all-purpose gluten-free Cannelle Boulangerie by turning a gluten-free recipe into […]

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