Using out baking craftsmanship, we created a dynamic variety of gluten free breads. With unique flour blends that are packed with ancient grains and legumes, these breads are refreshingly delicious and seriously charming. From a hearty grainy country style to an every-day pantry staple, we will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!


Discover our handcrafted breads, each with a unique profile

Gluten free rice bread
Pop Nature

Brown Rice & Milk

Gluten free quinoa bread
Quinoa ETC.

Quinoa, Sorghum & Brown Rice

Gluten free honey walnut bread
Muesli Cheri

Brown Rice, Sorghum with Walnuts & Honey

Gluten free flour bread
Go Grains!

Buckwheat, Brown Rice & Sunflower Seeds

Gluten free vegan bread

Sorghum, Chickpea Flour & Fava Bean Flour