Founded in 2005 in Richmond Québec, Cannelle Boulangerie was a pioneer in gluten free baking. At the time, Cannelle was one of the few companies in Canada to offer gluten free products. Dedicated to developing quality gluten free baked goods, Cannelle Boulangerie carved a place in artisanal specialty baking. Over the years the bakery has expanded to a diverse portfolio of sliced bread, specialty breads, and desserts. As Cannelle Boulangerie continues to grow we maintain our craftsmanship and roots in an artisanal food culture based on good taste and quality of ingredients.



Cannelle Boulangerie was started by a professional baker, who after many years of accomplishment in the patisserie world began experimenting with gluten free flours. She was determined to bake enjoyable products full of taste and flavour but without the gluten. After dedication to sourcing quality ingredients and experimenting with different recipes and unique flours she succeeding in creating breads full of flavour and genuine bakery texture. Her baking expertise, and unique approach to blending flours remain the ethos of baking and recipe development at Cannelle Boulangerie.




Our bakery passion puts flavour at the top of our list! We are constantly sourcing new gluten free and GMO free ingredients, and strive to combine them in interesting ways. Ancient grains and pulse flours are baked into a dynamic portfolio of products full of remarkable taste!



Cannelle Boulangerie products are handcrafted to have that real bakery texture and touch. Never dry or crumbly, our breads and cakes are moist and squishy, light and fluffy! You won’t believe our products are gluten free!



Bakery is at the heart of every meal, and an essential part of healthy living. We make Cannelle Boulangerie products with a feel-good gluten free lifestyle (hyperlink) in mind. Therefore our products are made with nutrient rich plant-based ingredients free of gluten GMO’s and preservatives!


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